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Eagle Project Notification                                                                   August 2008  

Each Life Scout of Troop 167, whom is planning to obtain the rank of Eagle, shall adhere to the following for their Eagle Project.

  1. Troop Notification.

The candidate for Eagle shall provide notification of project and work date(s) at scheduled troop meetings for a four-week period after his Eagle Project has been approved by the Glacier’s Edge Council. This notification(s) is to inform our scouts of the project, and encourage their future participation with the project. The Eagle Scout candidate must present this to the troop at a scheduled troop meeting. Scoutmaster must approve any exception in advance.

  1. Invitation.

Once a date(s) has been set for his Eagle Project, an invitation is to be sent to all scouts requesting their voluntary service and involvement of the Eagle Project.

  1. Leadership.

Adult scout leadership (in addition to parental) is to be present during the Eagle Project, whom will observe the leadership and coordination efforts being done by the candidate.

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